Due to lots of requests from people who want to start a business or have started their journey, the Business Start Up Bootcamp is back, but in a weekly format.

I developed BSB as I constantly get asked the same questions, come across the same issues and see the same errors when working with start ups and growing businesses.

The Business Start Up Bootcamp was developed as an intensive, one day event, where, across 8-9 hours, I took groups of people through all of the things you need to consider, do and think about when taking this great journey.

Sadly, due to other commitments, despite demand, I had to postpone BSB, but, due to a resurgence in demand, I am trialling a bitesized version, based over nine weeks.  Running on Tuesday evenings from October 6th, we will be covering all of the subjects that the day covers, but in a more relaxed environment.  There will also be a lot of networking, which is extremely important, as apprentice entrepreneurs need to realise that they are not alone on their journey (over 500k businesses were started last year).  Creating a like minded group allows you to compare notes, discuss issues and maybe even find clients, partners suppliers and, simply, friends!

Below is a summary of the programmes.

  • Tue Oct 06 - (Part 1) Do you understand what you need to do to start a business?
  • Tue Oct 13 - (Part 2) Let's Get Going - Getting Your Business Started
  • Tue Oct 20 - (Part 3) The Boring, But VERY Important Stuff!
  • Tue Oct 27 - (Part 4) Protect Your Idea & Making Sure You Are Legal
  • Tue Nov 03 - (Part 5) Money, Money, Money - How To Get It, Manage It & Keep It Flowing
  • Tue Nov 10 - (Part 6) The Web, Email, Social Media And All Of That New Fangled Stuff!
  • Tue Nov 17 - (Part 7) Old Fashioned Marketing Still Works!
  • Tue Nov 24 - (Part 8) Everyone In Business Is In Sales
  • Tue Dec 01 - (Part 9) Pulling It All Together And Taking those Important Steps

Please note that refreshments are supplied at all events, with part 1 being free and parts 2-9 costing £10 each.

If you would like to participate and are in/around London, you can come to one or all, as you require, booking your seat on Meetup, here.