A lot has changed in the world of cars and hybrids vehicles (a mix of normal fuel & electric) are now a realistic choice, with good long terms savings, personally and for your business, possible.


Electric only cars are taking a bit more time to mature, however, a couple of years ago I read that Mahindra, one of India's largest car manufacturers, purchased the developers of the G-Wiz electric car, so knew something big would happen soon.

Well, it took some time, but they have now launched the E2O/Electricity Car, which has moved things forward.

I took one for a test drive the other day and, OK, for my 6'4" full figured frame it wasn't mega spacious, but not an issue for driving around town or across London (so a 2 hour drive!).  The range is limited to about 75 miles per full charge, but this is more than enough for whizzing to the office or seeing clients, members, venues etc.  This limit is reduced by the hundreds of charging points across London.

The main benefits for business (and/or your pocket) are several fold:

  • No vehicle tax
  • No Congestion Charge
  • Free parking in many London boroughs and even free parking permits in some
  • Running costs from 1.5p per mile

These could save you thousands a year, especially if you drive into London every day!

So, if you are shooting around London a lot, this could be a gamechanger.  You could also use it if you make local deliveries (food, flowers, consumable etc), which is where I see it being invaluable to many SMEs and many sole traders.

Don't take my word for it - why don't you take one for a test drive - click here to find out more.