I run an event business that is focused on bringing local businesses closer to their council, whilst delivering information, inspiration and innovation.


Last year, I sold part of my antiques fair organising business, that ran the biggest antiques & collectors fair in London.

I have exhibited or been part of teams exhibiting at several types of event, small to large, B2C or B2C and am currently doing some work on a stand for Your Business Community, where we have taken a fair chunk of space at Europe's largest B2B show - The Business Show.

It is probably safe to say I know a little bit about this subject, so I thought that I would put a few points down that might help anyone considering or committed to exhibiting at any event, but, in particular, B2B events.

Exhibiting is an amazing way of encouraging brand and product engagement with your target audience, but only if it is at the right event. B2B trade shows also are governed by a set of rules that you might have already run up against them without realising it, or discovered the painful way.

  1. The more words on your graphics, the less chance of them being read!
  2. The design and colours of your exhibition stand will be determined by
    1. your brand or business colours/style
    2. the latest design trends
    3. the bosses other half!
  3. The length of time to design your marketing material and displays increases exponentially with the number of people involved.  NOTE: this applies to several areas in business!
  4. The bigger the main visual image on your trade show display, the clearer people will understand your message.
  5. The older your exhibition displays, the less innovative and old fashioned your company will appear to be to visitors - remember, many visitors will probably have come to the event before!
  6. The more years you exhibit at the same show, the more you will have repeat customers visit you at your stand - possibly great for client retention, not that great for new business
  7. The busier your stand is, the busier it will become and remain
  8. As in all sales, the best stand staff are usually the ones who talk the least and listen the most
  9. If any member of staff complains or moans about being at the event, send them home - they will demoralise the whole team and show that they have no understanding as to why thry are there in the first place
  10. The more aisle space bordering your stand, the more opportunities your team has to engage with visitors, especially if you are busy!
  11. The better-looking and newer your staffs shoes, the more likely they will complain about sore feet

    And, possibly the most important
  12. The faster you follow up your trade show leads, the greater the chance of getting business with them

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