I recently posted 10 tips to help people work from home.  Several of you have sent me some additional ideas and comments, which are worth sharing.


  1. Remember and be grateful you are working from home
    Thinking about the option of being in an office, working for the 'man', maybe some good additional motivation
  2. Have a good lunch
    Something with good carb content works best. Puts you in the mood for the second half of the day.
  3. Schedule time for key activities
    Set times, even appointments, for doing paperwork, accounts etc.  Do filing on certain days or first/last thing.
  4. Drink lots of water
    good in whatever you do, but easy to forget
  5. Don't let hard moments put you off
    There will be times when you are drained, without ideas or or just feel unproductive.  Go for a quick walk and clear your mind. At least do some things that do not require any great thought e.g. filing
  6. Switch off social media
    It is too easy to be distracted by PM's, chats, new posts and updates - remove them, especially when yo are flowing.
  7. Be careful about what is in the background
    No TV or video channels!  Different music create different moods.  Speech channels can make you feel in a group, but can distract.
  8. Keep three lists of three. (I like this one)
    The first list has three things you will do today. The second is three things you’d like to get done, but aren’t essential. The third is three things that need to be done at some point.  Update them daily.  By focussing on small lists, you have more chance of completing them all.
  9. Don’t allow work to consume your life.
    Easier said than done when working from home. Make sure you set limits for the amount of time you will work.
  10. Have meetings in formal places
    Whilst coffee shops my work, have meetings in more suitable environments - business centres, hotels, clients offices.  Maybe plan to have one or two a week.  Whilst, in some cases, this may not be the best use of time, being realistic, staying by yourself can get tedious!

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