I get a lot of emails land in my inbox and, mostly, they are a load of junk.  However, I am trying to work out whether Instant Video Machine is one of them.


The people behind it are reputable - Todd is a well know US TV weather man and Matt Bush, the developer, has a good track record of goodproduct launces.

So, what is it? 

Well, its basic form, Instant Video Machine is a prebuilt website that you install on your own server or hosting.  It has 25 premade business videos, on various subjects.  The idea behind it is that these have all been designed by people on Fiverr (you know about Fiverr - if you do not, you should!).  You sell one of the videos to a local business, on the proviso it is tailored to their needs - logo's, email addresses etc.  You sell the video for X and get it changed for Y. 

Now, X could be £49, £99 or £199, but Y is going to be from about £3.50!  On the basis that the package is under £20 and the only other costs would be a domain name, hosting and some hard work, on the whole, for someone who is already in local marketing or even wants to start their own business or side line (I would think some experience would be necessary), I think there is the basis of a good business, but it would require some work, on a regular basis. 

Remember, the only people with a license to print money is the Royal Mint!

What do you think?


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