There are a lot of people who offer you SEO dreams for a few quid and some for pots of gold - the first real step I am taking is to try it myself!

Since starting my first business I have tried to do as much myself or at least learn the basics about key parts of the business I might outsource.  Happily, I am now finding that with a little effort DIY SEO can work.

So, lets be clear as to what SEO does.  Good content encourages people to link to your pages and shows Google, Bing, Yahoo etc your pages are interesting and authoritative. This leads to search engine success because the search engines wants to show interesting and authoritative pages in its search results. It's that simple!  Seach engines promotes authority pages to the top of its rankings so it's your job to create pages that become authority pages. This involves writing content people find useful because useful content is shared in blogs, twitter feeds etc., and over time Google picks up on these authority signals.

Lets get one thing out of the way, if I had those pots of gold, I would employ the services of a top agency or recomended expert, however, I am a stingy git (and do not have said gold!).  Also, I do want to understand what the hell they are talking about when they pitch - serps, black hat, long tail keywords etc.

I have learned about servers, web design, hosting, accounting and lots of other things and can say that I am now qualified in all of those areas to be a danger to myself.  So now I have taken the challenge of SEO.  Over the years I have heard about a lot of things I should and should not do, but, after reading lots on the internet, I decided to take a quick course.  Well, I actually ended up taking three course, the first two of which were a total waster of money (several hundred quid!).  I then decided to ask my fellow community members at the UK Business Forums and the resounding response was to look at the Fresh Bananas DIY SEO course.  Just to double check, especially with my previous experiences, I did look at their ratings on Feefo and they come back pretty good!

The course is split into 10 modules containing instructions, notes, videos and 'sin bins' - mistakes not to repeat.  I have been using the course for the past couple weeks, taking time here and there to read the notes and watch the videos, but you could power through things in a couple hours.  I am just about to start it again to make sure I have not missed things, but, in the meanwhile I am following the instructions.

What I have learnt is that whilst the basics are simple, it takes time to research keywords and thought to structure content

The bottom line - spend £99, take the course and the results should appear.  You are then armed with knowledge to build on and, if necessary, speak to SEO experts in their own language.

So, remember, DIY SEO can work - with a little effort, but, for maximum benefit, it is  long term, contimuous activity.