In one of my businesses, we are trying to build leads to grow our thriving community and Facebook is an obvious route to achieving this.  A few days ago, I was pointed to little know Facebook feature called LeadAds, which allows you to place a call to action in an advert and, importantly, collect validated contact details.

How are the details validated?  Well, the lead form automatically populates with the users Facebook details, so you know their name and email (and other details e.g. phone) are real.

This is great, however, you can only access these leads via a download.  Sure, you can go in once  or twice a day to get them, but it gets a pain.  But I located some software, called SyncLeads, that connects to Facebook and transfers the details to my email autoresponder, so now the enquiry gets an immediate response, I am informed that that have made contact and I can add them to a campaign or CRM system.

In a couple days, we have seen enquiries shoot up and, most importantly, we have actually got new members.  Even better, is that the cost of aquisition is pennies, not pounds, in comparison to normal FB advertising - what a win!

Launched last October, it appears to a big feature that is kept a secret, so to find out more about Facebook LeadAds visit here and Syncleads, go here.

By the way, there are several programs that will sync your contact details, however SyncLeads appears to offer the best value - let me know if you are aware of cheaper options!