If a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a good video paint?

Chances are you’ve watched an online video today. According to Digital Sherpa, the average internet user watches more than one video a day. In fact, one-third of all internet activity is video viewing. The internet is becoming a video medium.

Is your website keeping pace?

Creating videos for your business’s website might sound like a lot of work and, admittedly, video production takes more time/money than simply writing something. But, used well, video can be a powerful tool to generate more web traffic and, ultimately, more sales.

For my clients and own businesses I have created many whiteboard videos using software called Easy Sketch Pro, a cheap, but powerful piece of kit.  However, I have just bought something that, in many cases, will make my job a lot easier and, hopefully, more profitable - EZ Video Creator.

With 40 incredible templates in a wide viariety of niches, all you do is change the copy and, voila, a powerful, effective promotional tool.  EZ Video Creator allows you to create:

  • Eye-catching animated commercials
  • Spokesperson commercials
  • Sales videos
  • Squeeze/landing page videos

There is also he ability to get a commercial licence so you can resell the videos you produce (I biught this!).

For more information and, yes, a great sales video, have a look here.

This could be the best £18 ($25) you spend on your business for a long time (but be quick, the price might go up soon!).

Have a great weekend.