Websites have changed a lot in the past few years and with peoples approach to browsing, more so on mobile devices, their attention span has reduced and need for a quick return has increased.

One of the big things at the moment is adding video to your website site, which has been made easier by things like YouTube and Vimeo, for hosting, and a plethora of tools for making them. 

There are lots of statistics floating about, but, the bottom line is that a lot more can be said in a video than in several paragraphs of copy, people are more likely to look at them and, hopefully, react! 

I am in the process of developing a mixture of sketch videos, presentations, and live recordings across several of my businsess sites and have picked up a lot of interesting tips and useful tools along the way, some that might surprise you.

You Can Do Something Cheap And Quick

Have a look at this:


I made this using Powerpoint from 2007 and something called CamStudio (free, great for making screencasts/demos).  OK, the quality isn't great, but if i can do this in five minutes, what could I do with some more thought and an hour or two?


Is That Really Power Point?

Powerpoint has come a long way, not least in the way that you can save a presentation as a video, from 2010.  However, whoever the brightspark was who came up with the concept of making it a a more powerful tool to create demonstration and sales videos, should get a big pat on the back.  Have a look at this demo:

 These cost peanuts - see here!!


Doodle Videos

These are my favourites, so much that I bought Easy Sketch Pro (and love it) and have made videos for clients, so much so I am starting a side business, aimed at my current client base.

If you can use Powerpoint, you should be able to use this - here is a video I did in about 15 minutes:


I am creating some really good stuff with this and am starting to mix in some background video, making the pesenter interact with the graphics.

More of an overview of ESP here.

ESP has proven so popular that the devloper has made it into an educational package, aimed at schools and colleges (maybe an opportunity for you to earn money with this one - look here)

It is also worth mentioning Explaindio, which is a sort of combination of ESP and the Powerpont style, allowing for better animations.  Had I not purchased ESP, I may have got this one first, but I am not complaining!

For more information on Expaindio, click here.


A Bit More Serious

VideoMotionPro looks great, especially the ability to do green screen stuff, like the guys in Hollywood!

I have the full Adobe Suite of software, but I do find it a little intimidating (yes, even I can get intimidated by software!).  If using it is as easy as the video indictates, I could be having a lot of late nights soon!

If anyone gets VideoMotionPro, please let me know how they get on with it.



Whilst you can host videos on your own servers our services like Anazon S3, at the early stages, keep it simple and stay with YouTube.  You will be able to add your video to your site quite easily and it will be good enough, unless you are spending a LOT of money on a site.


A Word Of Warning

It does not matter how good your design or technical skills are - if you cannot write a captivating and informative script, ideal for your target audience, your bells and whistles video will not work.

Writing a good script is something that eludes lots of people and can end up costing more than making the main video, however, miss the emotion or purchasers distress and make the wrong call to action and you have blown it.... But that is for another blog!





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