Whilst we both know the emails you are going to send are legitimate communications to your subscribed list, unfortunately, the person you are sending it to and, more importantly, their server, do not!


To help you get a higher hit rate, increasing the chances of your message getting through various spam filters (servers and clients), here are a few helpful hints.

  • Do not send full or even half page images as your message - the more text the better!  Big graphics can get spam filters alarmed!
  • Avoid adding attachments
  • Avoid bad language
  • Avoid spammy words in the title, like 'free' or 'guaranteed' - think about the spam you get and the titles they have.  For help finding what the top spam woords are, google and use 'BitDefender spam omelette'.
  • Avoid inserting active components (javascript, ActiveX, plug-ins) in your message.  If you must have media, link to it!  Spam systems are becoming more and more weary of this, though!
  • Don't put too much punctuation, like '!', in the title and avoid all capitals and spaces between letters.
  • Prepare and edit emails in your systems WYSIWYG editor or proper editor software - dont use a word processor (like MS Office or OO write) or even wordpad.  The newer the WP version, the more hidden tags they use, which gets spam systems spidy senses tingling!
  • Don't put the word 'spam' in the email.  Yes, it may be obvous, but some peole have put spam disclaimers into emails  - not a good idea!
  • Make sure your website/email/newsletter component is hosted on a server from a reputable company.  The more obscure the company, the greater the chance they will not care about what goes on on their servers!
  • Make sure you have a subscription (unsubscribe) link on the email - only send emails to those who want to receive them!If you advertise third party products and you link to them, make sure you are happy with what they sell and you link to!
  • Remember, this is a marketing excercise, so make sure you have a 'call to action' i.e. 'call us' or save £x'
  • Use the tracking features of your email/newsleter system.  Knowing facts and figures about your mailing, such as how many people opened the email, clicked on links etc is a great way of learning about your customer and whay is/isn't working.
  • After sending, if you get bounces, action them - remove the offending email address, or, if possible, correct it.
  • Always try to include the message in plain text at the bottom of the HTML/graphical part.

If you have any handy hints, please let me know and we will add them to this list.

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