I have just come across this interesting marketing package that contains a bunch of stuff to help any SME improve their marketing apearance - web site, marketing materials and more!

Insta-consultant is actually aimed at people who want to start selling marketing services, it could even work for someone who wants to start their own marketing business.  It will allow that, to an extent, but you would end up recycling a whole load of the same stuff, especially if you became busy and successful - at that stage, you could also be able to afford a few more designs!

Anyway, I have got it because it has a fair bit built in to make site building easy.  Whilst I do know Wordpress, the platform it is built on, it has a whole load of snazzy features that can be used easily, even by those with limited experience.

Also included are a few pre-made whiteboard videos, with the source files, so you can edit them using Exlaindio - see here on that.

And then there are the media templates - leaflets, business cards etc.

Everything comes in several themes/styles, which means you can use them pretty quickly.

Now, if you have no knowledge of Wordpress, whiteboard video software or editing PSD files, this may not be an ideal starting place, however, for the
modest price (about £30 for unlimited use), you get a lot for your money.

BTW, I have just noticed that it also creates unique mobile websites, rather than being a responsive one, which might be a bit better in relation to the recent mobilegedon!


Let me know, below, if you get this and what you think.

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