I was sitting with 'er indoors the other night when I heard the news that George Cole, who played Arthur Daley and the classic TV program, Minder, had passed away.

For years local shops and businesses have complained that parking restrictions, costs and enforcement have a negative effect on trade - now there may be proof!

I get a lot of emails land in my inbox and, mostly, they are a load of junk.  However, I am trying to work out whether Instant Video Machine is one of them.

Whilst this isn't new news (they started a push in 2012), HMRC are now stepping up a gear!

Whilst we both know the emails you are going to send are legitimate communications to your subscribed list, unfortunately, the person you are sending it to and, more importantly, their server, do not!

When you make a telephone call to a service number – one beginning 08, 09 or 118 – it’s not always clear how much it will cost.

I have just come across this interesting marketing package that contains a bunch of stuff to help any SME improve their marketing apearance - web site, marketing materials and more!

I recently posted 10 tips to help people work from home.  Several of you have sent me some additional ideas and comments, which are worth sharing.

Too many people are still unaware of the new Auto Enrolment pension regulations and how they will be affected, whether they consider themselves an employer or not!

I recently blogged abot preparing for a business show, as an exhibitor, and had space at the recent Business Show.

It goes without saying that building an email database and utilising it sensibly (i.e. not spamming!) is now a core part of marketing, but are you doing it the easiest and cheapest way?