Director On Demand

All businesses need constant reviewing, activities and decisions challenged and standards upheld, but who does this in your business?

You may be spending most of your time firefighting, or, as a partner/co director, arguing over the simplest thing.

Acting as a Director-on-Demand, my role is to regularly participate and contribute in board meetings (assuming you have them!), meeting regularly to make sure that any issues are identified, brought to the surface and resolved, as well as being an independant , third party, partcipant in your business.

Unlike a non-executive director position, my role is as informal or formal as you want to make it, however, importantly, without any official voting rights.  This allows me to independantly say things that other members of staff might be afraid to say and tell owners exactly how it is, in the knowledge that there are no ulterior motives.

I also become a valuable sounding post, to bounce ideas off of, challenge reasoning and  decisons, as well as act as mediator between partners, if necessary.

If required, I can also review your business setup, ensuring that the fundamental actions have been taken in the business structure and administration, to protect all parties and reduce and complications further down the line.

Please call me on 020 3011 5600 to discuss things further.

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