VIB Circle

You can be so engrossed in what you are doing, keeping your head above water or just doing what you have been doing for years that you could be missing out on making some simple, inexpensive changes to your business that can make some big difference.

Whilst you are not alone in being here, you can be different and take actions to identify what needs to be done to take you to the next level, increasing sales, reducing costs and increasing profit.

By taking part in the VIB Circle, you will get face to face 1:1 time with me to take a different look at where you are and plan your growth journey.

Participating in the VIB Circle comprises of:

  • A full day, ideally away from your business, to take an indepth look on how to develop and grow your business.  This is not a set number of hours e.g. 10am-5pm, but as long as it takes in one day to review everything.
  • A follow up meeting, up to half a day, to discuss the development plan, and, in detail, map out and agree how you will impliment it
  • A second follow up meeting, again up to half a day, to review your development, revisiting the plan and measuring perfomance
  • Several meetings, via video conference or telephone, as agreed, to keep the development on track.

That is well over 2 days of 1:1 support, coaching, mentoring, planning and growth development!

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